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Life at the Gurukul

Gurukul Dhrupad Sansthan is a residential school with three hostel buildings that can accommodate upto 100 students and a common dining area. 


A typical day in the Gurukul starts with the kharaj (lower notes) practice at 5 AM. This is followed by individual practice. The students offer shramdaan (voluntary cleaning duties/Seva) from 10 to 11 AM everyday. Individual classes start from 11 AM with Gurujis upto lunchtime. Apart from individual lessons, regular group practice sessions are also conducted by senior students. Students are expected to practice the individual lessons received from the Gurujis everyday as well as participate in all group practices and other activities.

Gurukul offers training based on disciple's devotion of time:

  • Long term disciples (atleast 4 months) who want to pursue Dhrupad professional.

  • Short term disciples (2 week - 4 months) who want to deepen their understanding in the Indian Classical Music

  • Rasikas/Visitors (less than two weeks) who want to imbibe and appreciate the subtle nuances of our Cultural Heritage.

  • Day scholars.

Learning with ZFD DK-26-4-85- 8.JPG

Ust. Zia Fariduddin Dagar teaching Gundecha Brothers at Dhrupad Kendra


The Gurukul encourages a strong community spirit among the students. The participation of every student in the day to day as well as overall functions of the Gurukul is an important part of the students’ life on the campus. These activities are diverse, and include looking after the premises, occasional help in preparing food in the kitchen, participating in day to day functioning, making arrangements on special occasions of celebration in the Gurukul hall or at the Saraswati temple, organising special events such as fund-raiser concerts, working on common projects involving research in Dhrupad, etc. Such activities also help in strengthening the bond and creating a free, informal atmosphere amongst the students and between the students and the Gurus. 

Although the Gurukul does not follow a fixed syllabus, each student is assessed periodically through an informal ‘baithak’ (in-house concert) organised on a mutually decided day each month. Two or more students are selected to present a recital of what they have learnt in their individual lessons in front of their peers and the Gurujis, which is followed by constructive feedback.

Ust. Rahim Fahimuddin Dagar's visit to Gurukul

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